The Human Mind’s Web of Secrets | In Her Skin by Alex Kiester

How easy it is to see someone else take the credit of your years of hard work? Which is harder—facing your anxiety of public appearance or watching someone live your life better than you ever did? Welcome to In Her Skin by Alex Kiester—a psychological thriller, told from the perspective of three unforgettable women.

The Perilous Path from Written to Spoken Word | Author Interview with Alex Kiester

All authors secretly dream of inspiring millions around the world with their writing. But ask authors to speak in front of an audience and that dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Alex Kiester’s debut novel “In Her Skin” takes readers down the perilous path from written word to spoken word. The psychological thriller centres around Meggie Meyer, a debut author who can’t face her book tour and hires an actress to impersonate her.

Separation Anxiety and Homesickness: Boon or Bane?

The first and second semesters are one of the most crucial periods in a college student’s life. This is the time when they are most likely to start having anxiety issues. Everything looks like a blurry and fast moving motion picture that they weren’t prepared to watch just yet. Nevertheless, anxiety issues may or may not surface in their first year of college.