The Zodiac, a Science? Ancient Knowledge about the Stars

When recently there was news of militants destroying a 2000-year old temple in Syria, in a city from the Roman days, sights of the temple came back to mind, particularly a ceiling that I had once come across. This writing is not about the shortsightedness of destroying a remnant of a long-past civilization; rather, it is about a science, an idea… the possible significance of the Zodiac.

Mercury: The God of Commerce and Science | The Little Light’s One Year Anniversary

With the creative adjectives and strong imagery, Sanatani painted vivid imagery of the character in my head. This sassy character, Mercury closely reminded me of the Greek God Hermes. From his impeccable attire to his unending knowledge about business and trades, Hermes felt like the Greek counterpart of Mercury.

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“This reminds me of the story of the grieving person who comes to the Buddha to ask for relief. Buddha tells them to go to all the houses in the village and ask for a seed from every household that has never experienced death. The person does so and finds that every single home has experienced what they are experiencing, even if the details are different.”