Journey of an Idea to a Vision | The Merchant of Stories by Dipa Sanatani

The creative entrepreneur walks a different path from the technology entrepreneur. She/he needs to wear two hats. The first is the artist hat to define the creative vision of their product or service. The second is the business hat to understand the dynamics of their chosen marketplace and sell it to as many people as possible.Wearing two fundamentally different hats is not easy. Dipa Sanatani leads us through her journey of this balancing act in The Merchant of Stories. 

Unleash the Beast Within | Reimagining Fairytales

She is a Beast is a collection of fairytales, but not the ones that we heard in our childhood. It is not a book of damsels in distress waiting for their knight in shining armour to rescue them. It is a book where women take the reins into their own hands. They are brave, witty and glorious. It’s a book where men are foolish to fall for the traps laid out by a woman and completely powerless at her hand.

The Household Gods of Ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer | The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Hitherto, my understanding of the Abrahamic religions was that they were monotheistic from the very inception of the religion. But through The Red Tent, I saw a different story, one in which a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses existed alongside a monotheistic belief.

When Characters Come to Life | Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke, helps you picture that world that most of us dream of. Houses filled with books from the floor to the ceiling, amazing characters coming to life, meeting the author of your favourite book, you name it – Inkheart draws up a world that everyone who has ever fallen in love with books has imagined at least once in their lifetime.

Blinkist: My Morning Mini-Lesson Ritual 

Despite the fact that I start each morning with a ‘blink’ of a new book, I can’t say that it’s replaced or even enhanced my reading experience. For me, it’s the equivalent of asking a friend, “Oh so what’s the book about?” and then getting a rundown of the key points in a coherent and logical manner. 

The Artist’s Eye| Penang Here I Come by Pami Ismail

Written with simple prose and heart-warming sketches – the illustrator and author takes us on his journey through Penang as he presents us a with slice-of-life narrative through his travels. From music to places of worship, from man-made monuments to natural beauty, from tradition to modern-day Penang – this book has it all. 

The Cosmic Plan | The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani

The child in me always believed that somewhere somehow all the living entities in this universe are assisting each other to find their true purpose. This invisible inter-relation of entities is beyond past, present, and future.

The Love of An Artist | Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

The constant dedication that is required from them to produce something wonderful from their craftsmanship – something so beautiful that even the artist stands in awe of what they have created – is like an addiction. The euphoria of their success stays with them for ages as their work remains with them as a constant reminder of the heights they have reached.

The Day After My Funeral | Author Interview with Nikhil Kushwaha

This world has two types of people, one who rule it and the one who serves. It’s not necessary that the one who rules are CEOs, and the one who serves are employees, but the difference lies in the way they see life. The trap lies in never-ending desire, goal, and ambition. These are the things that are responsible for unhappiness among most of us.