The Positive Side of the Pandemic | Binge-Watched a Series of Dreams

On the positive side of this pandemic, we have taken advantage of this time to pursue our hobbies in addition to our regular work. In the past couple of months, we have done many things that we were beautifully procrastinating on till now. All of us have some sort of guilty pleasures to keep us optimistic in such trying times.

A Parable from the Song of Songs | The Lover and the Beloved

My eyes turn their gaze toward the celestial ones. A blanket of stars wrap me in their embrace. It is quiet and cold. I am in the Negev Desert. The last time I was here was close to a decade ago. It was Hanukah and we’d come here on a school trip. Why did my my mind’s eye bring me back here?

The Devil Within: the restless journey to stillness

I think of ways to pacify this discomfort in my head. A new movie? Some new skills, perhaps. A spot of dancing would help me. But then again, this feeling will come back. I know it. I know it because all the teachings of the spiritual masters that I have followed, come back to me. I read it before, but now I begin to truly understand. The cage I am in, is my mind.

The Plague of Athens and the Coronavirus: How History Revives Itself

There is a certain sense of  bittersweet beauty that comes along with relating mythology or history with the life that we currently lead. Wars, epidemics, lockdowns – our generation has been fortunate to have only read about these and to have the freedom to choose if we want to imagine what life was in those times or to dismiss it as the past. But now, as our lives turn into an event that will be remembered for several years to come, like how we remember the Black Plague or the Bengal famines, it may be soothing to look back to instances like ours, where we have fought and survived.