The Souls of the Ancestors | Stories from Kyrgyzstan

“My grandma used to believe that our ancestors look after us. If there are difficulties in life, huge changes in society, people believe that the souls of our ancestors are there to protect us. We should respect and pray for them. People strongly believe that we still share a connection. After that person has passed away, we still have that connection in us.”

The Soul of the Land | Stories from Kyrgyzstan

“I think people in Kyrgyzstan still haven’t faced that modernisation that other countries are going through. 60% of the population are still farmers and still follow the traditions that they came before. They’re following the three pre-existing traditions.”

What is Zakat? Concept, Purpose and Importance in Islam

Just because you are giving away, your wealth doesn’t decrease. It never does. You may feel sometimes that you are losing a huge amount of your money. But this doesn’t work that way. Think of it as an investment — like in one of God’s businesses. There is always a return. Always.