The Code of Hammurabi | A Legacy of Law

Criticisms notwithstanding, the fact remains that our modern legal system is not too different from Hammurabi’s time and is even considered to be a continuation of it.

Bill Clinton’s Kaleidoscopic Political Legacy | A Story of Professional Success and Personal Failure

President William Jefferson Clinton greets the crowd at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, May 5. The president toured several bases in Europe to thank the troops (not shown) for their support of Operations Allied Force and Shining Hope.

Is it justifiable to use an individual’s private life to discredit or dismiss their professional achievements?

The Saudi Arabia I Grew Up in | A Kingdom at a Crossroads

Home to over ten million expatriates, Saudi Arabia is at a crossroads. The Kingdom has a rich cultural heritage that makes everybody who has lived here, feel at home. I have lived my entire life along the Persian Gulf. My days have been dominated by the exotic beaches and never-ending parks bordering the huge water body.