Rituals for Death and Beyond | Glimpses of Ancient Egypt

In Egyptian myth, the afterlife was just as important as life. The dead stood before Osiris in the Hall of Truth, and their actions in life were weighed. If they were found worthy, they would pass on the Field of Reeds where they would life their ideal life, exactly it was on earth.

A Spiritual Tour of the Afterlife | The Day After My Funeral by Nikhil Kushwaha

One often wonders what happens after we die: do we really walk into the afterlife? The answer of whether our journey ends at our funeral or whether we begin a new journey the day after our funeral is an endless one. Nikhil Kushwaha presents us with a vision of the afterlife in his book “The Day After My Funeral”. He neither intends to question any religious beliefs nor desires to preach. He simply wants to bring awareness to readers of the ticking clock - so that we live our life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and die in peace without any regrets.