Bill Clinton’s Kaleidoscopic Political Legacy | A Story of Professional Success and Personal Failure

President William Jefferson Clinton greets the crowd at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, May 5. The president toured several bases in Europe to thank the troops (not shown) for their support of Operations Allied Force and Shining Hope.

Is it justifiable to use an individual’s private life to discredit or dismiss their professional achievements?

Swayamvara | The Forgotten Ritual of Women Empowerment in Ancient India

In Ancient India, the practice of Swayamvara or self-chosen groom was a significant ritual. A young woman of marriageable age, belonging to a noble family, had the right to choose her own spouse in the presence of her parents and family members. The intention of the ritual clearly signifies the ideals of women empowerment in a forgotten age and time.

The Kerala Model: What Does Matrilineality Mean for the Modern Woman?

In the midst of a modern world that places men at the epicentre, histories tell stories of a time when we once followed the footsteps of women. Prior to the 20th century, matrilineality had a strong foothold in Kerala: a state on the southwestern coast of India.