The Art of Storytelling | The Merchant of Stories by Dipa Sanatani

The journey of a reader to a traveller to a writer and finally, taking the plunge and self-publishing is filled with lot of self-doubt, practical problems and so, I am thankful that a book like this exists.

The Dance of Kali | Old Legends in a New Form

“The worship of Durga and Kali are a big part of Bengali Hindu traditions. Durga Puja at the end of Navaratri is one of Bengal’s biggest festivals. Kali Puja is done during Diwali. More than any specific story that stayed in my mind, it was the description of Kali that has stuck with me. She is fierce, aggressive and a destroyer of evil.”

Art and Commerce | The Importance of Patience Over Profit

“Giving importance to money over art may cause problems. Artists may start feeling insecure and disheartened to see their work not being appreciated after putting so much effort into it. Losing patience makes them act differently. For fame and money they may sell their souls. But those artists who know the power of patience will keep exploring and experimenting till they leave a mark of their own.”

Retelling Myths | The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani

Mythology has been a part of our rich culture, tradition, literature and life since time immemorial. Even in this modern era, the advent of science and technology didn’t decrease its popularity but rather enhanced it. Not only did the film industry put the modern techniques to use for projecting the mythological tales in a vibrant way, the modern writers too took up myths to retell them in their own unique fashion.