Sravana Nakshatra | The Sound Star of Goddess Saraswati

I wondered, who tuned into what channel was picking up on this frequency. I wondered if when we articulate the things that we articulate, to whomever it is we are articulating it to--even if it is to ourselves--if someone is listening to it and hearing it.

Brahmavadini | The Forgotten Tradition of Women Scholars in Ancient India

Brahmavadini was the title attributed to women scholars, who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the study of the Vedas. Some were unmarried, living as ascetics and independent of their fathers, brothers or male counterparts. They were paragons of intellectual proficiency, natural philosophy and spiritual enlightenment. They were Rishikis--female sages--in their own right and were revered as teachers, doctors and theorists.